Just ML Community Cup 2021: Summer Editions is back in style! Pitting amateur Mobile Legend teams from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao in a 500-team battle royal (split across 2 Qualifiers) vying for their chance in the JustML Challengers Edition later this year along with a 50,000 prize pool. Registrations are ongoing from April 27th – 30th, with the first set of qualifiers set to begin this coming May 3rd. Terms & Conditions are listed here. In case of any questions, please reach out to us via our Facebook.


  • All matches will be in custom draft pick mode.
    6 players per team only.
  • If a player already played on the other team and will be playing in a different team again, that team will be disqualified in the tournament.
  • The team in the upper position in your match bracket will be on the blue side.
  • Screenshot is a must in every match.
  • No other player can be an observer except for Just ML.
  • We have Discord Link for team representatives to identify who’s your opponents. Use your TEAM NAME in Discord.
  • Upon game remake request is only allowed if there’s a disconnected player during draft pick. 1 remake per team and only allowable.
  • The team requesting for a remake will be the one to concede.
  • Every player is expected to treat one another with respect; therefore players proven of misconduct will receive consequences upon review of the action.
    Tardiness: A team that is missing one or more players will be given a 15 minute waiting time, if the respective team is still not complete, that team will be disqualified.



  • Team Captains are responsible for reading tournament rules and procedures.
  • Team Captains are responsible to gather their own members prior the start of the match.
  • The team representative/team captain of the WINNING SIDE is responsible for sending a screenshot after the match to our discord channel.
  • Failing to submit the result of the match within 30 minutes after match ends may result to a loss for both teams.



  • Discord shall be used as the official communication for this Tournament.
  • Use a username/change your nickname in group chat same as your Mobile Legends Team Name to make it easier for opposing captains to find one another. 
  • Discord Link will be sent to the Team Captains Email once registration is closed.
  • Ensure that you change your discord name into your TEAM NAME.


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